Failure of police intelligence and methods, or …?

JANUARY 9: Dilraj Johal, 28, shot and killed in Richmond.

January 7: Anees Mohammed, 29, shot and killed in Richmond.

January, 6: Gary Kang, 24, shot and killed in Surrey.

December 28: Tequel Willis, 14, shot and killed in Surrey. 

December 27: Harman Singh Dhesi, 19, shot and killed in Surrey.

And another person was lucky to get away with injuries in a shooting in Coquitlam on January 10.

This is nothing but a complete failure of police intelligence – and the same shameless blaming of everyone else for their failure!

Public Safety Minister Farnworth on Sunday told Vancouver Sun’s Kim Bolan, who exposed how the gangs were using social media to hurl insults and challenges at rivals, that police should also be using the latest social media technology to deal with the gangs, while Integrated Homicide Investigation Team Sgt. Frank Jang had to admit that they still hadn’t approached social media companies to shut down such accounts.

Time to wake up, guys!

There’s been tough talk of more forceful police action including contacting gang members and affiliates, more curfew checks and continued targeted enforcement and vehicle interdiction, but that doesn’t seem to have deterred gang violence. 

Michael LeSage, Chief Superintendent of the CFSEU, asked friends, family members and acquaintances of gang members to provide police information and break the veil of silence, according to Global BC. Someone else told the media that the blame is on “these reckless individuals.”

Yes, we all know that they are reckless – let me tell you a top secret: we’ve known that for decades! What world have you been living in, for crying out loud!

The same old sick joke: blame others for your failures!

It is the job of the cops to get the information – don’t blame the community.

If you still haven’t been able to establish contacts within any community after all these decades of gang conflict, what the hell have you been doing?

Stop playing this blame game and just do your job!

IHIT and other police units and forces need to get information out to the media faster – stop this drama of holding press conferences just to be on TV and delaying press releases by hours, wasting precious time.

Dilraj Johal Photo: IHIT
Anees Mohammed Photo; IHIT
Gary Kang Photo: IHIT
Tequel Willis Photo: IHIT