Federal NDP candidate Bill Sundhu launches media campaign in Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo riding

bill_sundhu_ktc_ndpFEDERAL NDP candidate Bill Sundhu launched a television, radio and newspaper campaign this week with the central message that in the Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo only the New Democrats can defeat Stephen Harper.

“I became the New Democratic Party candidate last August and since that time my campaign team and I have reached out to people across this riding” said Sundhu. “There is growing dissatisfaction with the Conservatives and people are looking to send them packing at this fall’s election.”

Sundhu notes that families are working harder yet falling further behind financially under the current government. He believes Canadians are ready to replace Harper with a principled leader like NDP leader Tom Mulcair who is ready to fix the damage the Conservatives have done and to make a better and fairer Canada.

“In the 2011 federal election New Democrats earned more than seven times the votes received by the Liberals in this riding” said Sundhu. “That’s a solid base to build on and we will work right through to the October 19th election to earn the votes we need to win this riding, form government and restore good public policy in this country”.

Television ad: