Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation welcomes new leadership at TransLink

Gregor Robertson
Gregor Robertson

THE Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation on Wednesday welcomed Doug Allen as new interim CEO of TransLink, calling his appointment an important first step in the changes needed to move the region forward with its transit and transportation needs.

“We have heard loud and clear from residents across the region that they value the services that TransLink provides, but that they want and expect meaningful change to ensure TransLink works better,” said Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, Chair of the Mayors’ Council. “A ‘yes’ vote is crucial to grow our economy, cut traffic congestion, and improve transit service as our region grows by more than a million people, and this change in leadership is an excellent first step in rebuilding the trust that TransLink needs to do its job.”

Robertson and Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner, Vice Chair of the Mayors’ Council, joined the TransLink Board earlier this month.

“This is the first step, and we know TransLink has much work to do,” said Hepner. “Mr. Allen’s first job as interim CEO will be to review the core functions of the corporation, and start to build a roadmap for how to fix problems. This change will allow us to redouble our efforts to win the transportation and transit referendum. We have proven that, with the united vision and cooperation of the mayors in the region, we can play a positive role in guiding TransLink’s future.”

Allen’s appointment— coupled with the announcement last week by the Province that monies collected through the referendum would be separately managed and audited— show real action to ensure the public that their needs will be the first priority, the Mayors’ Council said.

“Voting ‘yes’ in the upcoming referendum will reduce commute times, help keep people and the economy moving, and protect our clean air,” said Robertson. “There’s an urgent need for more buses, better roads, and more transit options all across our region, and today’s announcement shows that our advocacy for change on the public’s behalf will make a difference in moving this critical plan forward.”