Federal NDP says it stands in solidarity with women fighting for abortion rights

FEDERAL NDP Women and Gender Equality Critic, Leah Gazan, on Tuesday said that the leaked report from the Supreme Court in the United States about Roe v. Wade potentially being overturned is deeply concerning.
She added: “We stand in solidarity with Americans fighting to protect their fundamental rights. Access to abortion is a human right.”

Gazan said: “When abortion rights are denied or when safe abortion services are inaccessible, pregnant people face serious injury or death. Seeing these rights in danger is extremely concerning. We understand and empathize with the worry and fear people living in Canada are feeling right now.”

She pointed out: “In Canada, the right to an abortion is secure because of strong laws and widespread support amongst Canadians. However, there is much more the Liberal government could be doing to ensure these important health services are accessible and low barrier. Many rural and northern communities in Canada also do not have access to abortions, and abortion coverage varies by province. We must also ensure year-round access to sexual health services. For example, in Nova Scotia, sexual health centres are forced to close between April and September due to a lack of funding. This is unacceptable.”

Gazan asserted: “It is not enough for elected officials to say that they won’t reopen the abortion debate – we need to improve access and remove barriers to reproductive health care for all. The Liberal government is maintaining cuts to health transfer payments first introduced by the Conservatives. These cuts reduce the provinces’ and territories’ capacity to deliver fundamental health care services, like abortions. The Liberal government must commit to making sure our overall healthcare system is properly funded so that the provinces and territories can improve accessibility to abortion services.”

She said the NDP will continue to fight for a national plan to expand abortion and reproductive health care access to all parts of Canada without barriers, adding: “New Democrats will always fight for the human right to abortion.”