Greedy players affecting credibility of cricketers: Laxman

MUMBAI: Former great VVS Laxman on Wednesday said the “credibility” of cricketers should not be “affected” just because of the presence of some greedy players who are lured into malpractices such as spot-fixing through use of big money and freebies.

“It is very important because just for some greedy players, the credibility of the rest of the players should not be affected. I think it is a very important issue and I am sure it will be cleaned up very soon,” Laxman told reporters on the sidelines of a promotional event.

He said he was going through a “feeling of anguish” in the wake of the spot-fixing and betting scandal that have hit Indian cricket but sounded optimistic the sport would be cleaned up soon.

“It’s very disappointing. Last two weeks, it’s been quite distressing and a feeling of anguish was definitely there. The various investigation by police in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, I am sure they will come to a logical conclusion. The cause of this problem is raised,” Laxman said.

The Hyderabadi also said the cash-rich Indian Premier League will miss iconic players like Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid.

“Sachin and Rahul have been real icons for the game not only IPL but also for the game of cricket. Definitely IPL will be missing them. Both of them are very important members of their respective franchise.

“The game of cricket including IPL will be missing them. Both of them have done well for their franchises over the last six years. The game of cricket will miss them,” he said.