Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen: Volunteer drivers for food pick-up and delivery

INTERESTED in helping neighbours in need of food? Food Save-ah is a food rescue program by Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen where volunteer drivers from diverse backgrounds deliver food to local organizations. Launched in October 2020, Food Save-ah was created to deal with the food security issues so many are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We work with vendors to deliver nutritious food to those in need. Most of the food we deliver is perishable. We have developed teams of volunteer drivers that deliver the food, and we are growing. We have also developed stringent covid protocols to prevent any transmission to the vulnerable populations we serve. Since October 2020, we have delivered over 160,000 pounds of food. Currently we are looking for drivers to pick up food from a Surrey store and deliver it to organizations in Surrey.

When: Monday – Friday

City: Surrey

Pickup Time: 11 a.m.

Total Time Commitment: 90 minutes

Starting: ASAP

If interested, please fill out the registration form at

This program is run by Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen