Harper must remove LeBreton from campaign, email exchange confirms PMO manipulation of Senate investigations, say Liberals

EVIDENCE at Senator Mike Duffy’s criminal trial makes clear that senior Stephen Harper insider Marjory LeBreton must immediately be removed from the Conservative election campaign, said the Liberals on Tuesday.

Email evidence at court reveals that LeBreton was central in the scheme to obscure the public’s knowledge of details on how Mike Duffy was abusing taxpayer money.

In fact, Nigel Wright, Harper’s former chief of staff, and then Senator Marjory LeBreton approved a secret plan so that Mike Duffy’s expenses would be treated differently from every other Senator. Specifically “in order to protect Senator Duffy.”

How did Wright respond to the scheme? “This works.”

And LeBreton? “I agree with Nigel’s comments. I think this will get us to where we want to go.”

“It is entirely inappropriate that Marjory LeBreton continue advising the Prime Minister on his campaign,” said Liberal candidate for Beausejour, Dominic LeBlanc. “Canadians are tired of Harper’s cynical, divisive politics. Canadians want not only a different government, but a better government.”

LeBreton, pictured in a photo taken last week at Conservative campaign headquarters, is now acting as senior advisor on Harper’s re-election campaign.

In last week’s leaders’ debate, Harper said about the Wright-Duffy scandal: “When bad actions arise, the role of the leader is to take responsibility and hold people accountable.”

It is time for Harper to follow his own advice and remove LeBreton from the Conservative campaign.