Horgan trade war threatening more jobs: BC Liberals

Andrew Wilkinson

THE trade war provoked by Premier John Horgan has now imperiled a $2 billion private sector investment in British Columbia, said the BC Liberals on Wednesday.

In a February 8 submission to the National Energy Board, the Alberta Department of Energy formally voiced its opposition to the North Montney Mainline Extension, a natural gas pipeline linking British Columbian natural gas operations with eastern markets.

“While the Premier goes about grandstanding to his activist friends, British Columbian workers are suffering and our reputation as a safe place for investment is being tarnished,” said BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson. “Alberta’s actions are a direct consequence of John Horgan’s provocative approach – this is has to end, John Horgan has to go to Edmonton and sort this squabble out now.”

This project would create 2,500 direct jobs and hundreds of millions in direct contracts to Canadian companies while providing a new market for B.C. gas.

“This is not a coincidence, the Alberta government has never expressed opposition to the proposed pipeline until last week,” said Peace River South MLA Mike Bernier. “The trade war is expanding and the job losses are mounting. It is ridiculous that another project is being dragged into Horgan’s trade war.”