Eby calls on Wilkinson to release suppressed 2014 ICBC report

David Eby

ATTORNEY General David Eby on Wednesday said B.C. Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson should release the original 2014 ICBC report his government chose to hide from the public.

On January 23, the Vancouver Sun revealed that the B.C. Liberals received a report in 2014 warning of the impending crisis at ICBC. Instead of acting on the recommendations, the former B.C. Liberal government deleted them before making the report public.

“I know this is Andrew Wilkinson’s first Question Period in his new job today, but I’d like to ask him if he has yet directed his friend Mr. de Jong to release the ICBC report redacted by the B.C. Liberal government,” said Eby. “The decision to hide the report and not act has cost British Columbians more than a billion dollars, and it’s time for Andrew Wilkinson and the B.C. Liberals to be accountable for that.”

On January 31, Eby wrote to Mike de Jong requesting that he exercise his power as former Finance Minister to waive cabinet privilege so the report can be released to the public. De Jong has so far refused. Eby is calling on Wilkinson to show leadership by instructing de Jong to release it.

“British Columbians deserve to know exactly what the B.C. Liberal government knew and when they knew it,” said Eby. “If Andrew Wilkinson wants to show that the B.C. Liberals have learned anything, he should tell Mr. de Jong to the release the report immediately.”