Pedestrians injured in two incidents in Delta

AN older woman and a teen boy were both struck by vehicles in Delta on February 13, Police said on Wednesday.

The first incident occurred around 1 p.m. in Ladner. An elderly woman tripped on a speed bump in the Trennant Park parking lot, and fell to the ground. Another driver who was proceeding out of a parking stall drove over her while she was on the ground, and did not appear to realize they had a struck a person.

At this time, it appears the elderly woman has non-life threatening injuries from the incident. The matter remains under investigation.

The second incident occurred around 6:20 p.m. in North Delta. A driver was eastbound on 84th Avenue when they struck a pedestrian in the crosswalk at 110th Street. The pedestrian, a teen boy, was taken to hospital for evaluation, but later released.

It had just started to snow at the time, and the driver remained on the scene, indicating they had not seen the pedestrian prior to the collision.

“Both incidents occurred at low speeds, and drivers are cooperating with police,” says public affairs coordinator Cris Leykauf. “Pedestrian safety is one of the top priorities for Delta Police and we are in ongoing discussions with the City of Delta about this topic.”