Four males identified in egg throwing incident in North Vancouver

NORTH Vancouver announced on Wednesday that they have identified four males who are allegedly responsible for throwing an egg at a 13-year-old boy that resulted in a serious injury to his eye on August 21.

The boy was walking home alone along Highland Boulevard near Canyon Heights Elementary School in North Vancouver when a southbound black Honda CRV, with loud rap music coming from it, drove by him. As the vehicle approached the youth, he suddenly experienced an incredibly sharp pain in his right eye as an object was thrown from the passenger side window of the vehicle.
Falling to the ground, the victim realized he had been struck by an egg. Within moments a vehicle stopped and an older man offered him assistance. The boy was able to walk the short distance home. His family took him to the hospital.

Police said all four of the suspects reside in North Vancouver and of them, three are 18 years old and one is 17 years old. There has been some cooperation by the suspects and the vehicle used in the incident has also been identified. Police are still attempting to identify the male who was driving the white vehicle that stopped and offered assistance to the victim and are asking him to contact the North Vancouver RCMP.

Investigators will be submitting a report to Crown Counsel for consideration of charges with respect to ‘assault causing bodily harm.’

The victim is currently resting at home, hoping that his eye makes a full recovery.