Jagmeet Singh: ‘I am in it for you’

Jagmeet Singh Photo by Jay Sharma of Mahi Photo Studio

SURROUNDED by candidates and supporters, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh on Wednesday launched his 2019 election campaign.

He said his  New Deal for People  invests in services people need, makes life more affordable and fights the climate crisis.

“For too long, Liberal and Conservative governments have been making life easier for the rich, and harder for everybody else,” said Singh. “Throughout the country I meet people working hard, looking to be treated fairly and just wanting to live a good life. These are the people the NDP has always worked for. These are the people I’m in it for.”

He saidt that four years ago, Justin Trudeau charmed Canadians with pretty words and empty promises. It’s clear Trudeau is not who he pretended to be, and people have been paying the price. And Andrew Scheer would rather cut taxes for big corporations and cut services Canadians count on. That’s what Conservatives do.

“Liberals and Conservatives have shown they are in it for their rich friends, not for you,” added Singh. “New Democrats are different. We won’t just say the right things, we will actually do them. Canadians can count on us to fight for them.”

Political observers are weighing in on Jagmeet Singh’s campaign launch. Here’s what they’re saying:

“He had a really impressive opening.” – Craig Oliver, CTV

“I thought that the NDP launch was on point, and probably more of the kind of discourse that people would have expected from the Greens, the Conservatives and the Liberals, who I thought wasted their launch.” – Chantal Hébert, CBC

“A man of ideas…[with] no attacks on other leaders.” – Nik Nanos, Nanos

“A substantive opening speech.” – Lisa LaFlamme, CTV

“Advantage Singh! The leader of the NDP delivered the best campaign launch speech.” – Steve E. Fortin, Le Journal de Québec

“Singh looked very polished today. I think they did an excellent job with the kick off of the campaign.” – Chris Cochrane, University of Toronto professor

“Biggest surprise of the week so far – slick launch by Jagmeet Singh. Good visuals, great oppo research linking Liberals with their “wealthy friends,” launch speech talking about Justin Trudeau’s “pretty words and empty promises.” He’s not dead yet.” – John Ivison, National Post

“Singh represents diversity.” – Don Martin, CTV

“Interesting how journos questioning Singh are focused on process, organization issues that only insiders care about. But, he’s pivoting back to people issues. I wonder what the casually interested are listening to.” – Darrell Bricker, Ipsos

“A great launch.” – Evan Solomon, CTV

“He talked like Jack Layton.” – Rosemary Barton, CBC