Jagmeet Singh urges Canadians to vote for government that will fight for them

STANDING with Ruth Ellen Brosseau, the NDP candidate for Berthier-Maskinongé in Yamachiche, Quebec, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh on Sunday stressed the importance and ease of voting, and reiterated the choice in front of Canadians as the campaign reaches the end of its second week.

“In this election, Canadians have an opportunity to make a choice about what our country’s future should look like,” said Singh. “They can choose [Liberal Party Leader] Justin Trudeau, who wants to keep protecting the ultra-rich and make regular families pay the price. Or they can choose to vote for New Democrats like Ruth Ellen Brosseau, who fight for a more affordable, equitable future for everyone.”

Singh unveiled the NDP’s new website HowYouVote.ca, which helps voters make a plan for election day. The website will help increase voter participation by providing clear, accurate information and encouraging Canadians to help friends and family vote.

“Voting is so easy to do—and you can do it in advance polls or by mail. I encourage everyone to make a plan to vote as early as possible,” said Singh. “Voting ends September 20 – but you can vote as early as you want. I’m hearing from thousands of Canadians that they are voting in this election, and we expect turnout to be high. Make a plan with your friends and family to get out there and be part of it.”