John Horgan’s unaffordable NDP are making life worse for British Columbians: BC Liberals

THE BC Liberal Party on Tuesday unveiled a new ad campaign highlighting “the NDP’s failed record on affordability.”

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“For five years, the NDP promised to make life more affordable for British Columbians. But all their promises are just talk. The reality is life is more expensive than ever before,” said BC Liberal MLA Trevor Halford.

British Columbia has the highest gas prices in North America, the highest rents in Canada, and the highest housing costs in North America. It is clear the NDP’s policies aren’t working, said the BC Liberals.

“From gas, to housing, to groceries, to rent, life under John Horgan’s unaffordable NDP is getting more and more expensive. British Columbians are working harder and harder to get ahead while falling further and further behind because of the NDP’s inaction,” added Halford.

The BC Liberals said that while the NDP talks a big game on affordability, they aren’t doing anything to help people as they struggle to deal with rising costs.

“In the midst of a historic affordability crisis, the NDP’s core priorities are spending a billion dollars on a vanity mega-museum no one asked for and giving the premier and cabinet a $500,000 raise over the next four years,” said Halford.

“It’s clear John Horgan’s unaffordable NDP are more focused on boosting their own egos and padding their own pocketbooks rather than helping British Columbians.”

British Columbians can visit to share how the NDP’s record of failure is affecting them, said the BC Liberals.