BC Liberals are now BC United

KEVIN Falcon, Leader of the Official Opposition, on Wednesday announced the launch of the BC United name and new branding in front of a crowd of hundreds of BC United members.
“This is a significant step toward what I know will be an extraordinary future for this province,” said Falcon, Leader of BC United. “BC United is way more than just a new name. We’re here to say to British Columbians: we will work relentlessly to make life better for you, and we will deliver. We’re laser-focused on results, not rhetoric. On competence and compassion, not mismanagement and neglect. On optimism and hope, not despair and division. We’re about taking on B.C.’s biggest challenges and seizing our greatest opportunities, so our kids, and their kids, can have the future they deserve.”
“We’re fresh, we’re invigorated, and we’re united in our common desire to build an incredible future,” said BC United Vice President Caroline Elliott. “That’s what our new logo is all about. A stylized bridge symbolizes us coming together across diverse backgrounds and perspectives to genuinely improve people’s lives. And the vibrant tones play on our proud legacy colours, but with an exciting new emphasis on the bright future we know we can achieve together.”
In the face of mounting challenges facing B.C. over six years of NDP government, from sky-high housing prices, mismanaged healthcare, an unabated drug crisis and rampant violent crime, things have drastically worsened and new provincial leadership is desperately needed, said BC United.
“The NDP expect British Columbians to just accept the worsening state of affairs as normal, but that’s not good enough,” said Falcon. “It’s time to put a stop to the NDP spending more of our money than ever before, only to get worse and worse results. It’s time to put a stop to the NDP stifling investment, eroding B.C.’s prosperity and shutting down our kids’ opportunities. It’s time to put a stop to the NDP’s higher taxes and their doubling of the debt for our kids to pay off, with zero results to show for it. And it’s time to put an end to the NDP’s cynical way of pitting British Columbians against one another for their own political gain.
“Fundamentally, we believe that with the right mix of leadership, competence and compassion, there is no problem too big to fix, and no vision too bold to strive for. United, we’ll build a prosperous economy that supports your family and provides the first-class public services you deserve. United, we’ll treat your hard-earned tax dollars respectfully,
with an eye on real, measurable results. United, we’ll reflect the rich diversity of the public we seek to serve, thinking beyond the next election cycle to leave a better province for the next generation and the ones after that.”
BC United has been registered as the party’s official name with Elections BC and the BC Legislature and all business and communications will now be conducted under this name. The name was suggested, selected and ratified by party members over the past year.
For more information on BC United, visit: votebcunited.ca