Devanshi Vyas of Langley crowned Miss International America Petite 2023

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DEVANSHI Vyas, 24, of Langley, B.C., who calls herself an advocate for women empowerment, was crowned Miss International America Petite 2023 earlier this month at a pageant in Seattle.

There were 65 contestants from around North America. But Devanshi said she was determined to win with a purpose: to show the world that anyone who has confidence and ambitions for themselves can emerge as winners. She had a vision to help motivate and encourage women to utilize their voice and stand up for themselves against societal pressures.

 Devanshi was crowned by former Miss World 1997 Diana Hayden, and became the first police officer to win in the pageant.

Devanshi says she walked in with a vision to inspire women and wants to be the voice that unites women and breaks the barriers that limit them in this world. She believes women have the ability to change the world; they are the driving force that hold the power to empower everyone around them. She says that if she could win, then anyone could with proper focus, hard work, and determination.

Devanshi went to Tamanawis Secondary School in Surrey. She received her pilot training and licence from Langley Flying School. Currently, she is completing her Bachelors in law enforcement studies at the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

With this new title of Miss International America Petite 2023, Devanshi wishes to hold mentorship workshops in schools “to advocate the significance of self-love and determination.” Devanshi says she overcame many adversities as she was bullied throughout her school years, being told that she will not be able to do something just because she is a girl, and being told repeatedly that she is not good enough to achieve her dreams.

Devanshi says: “If a woman does not stand up for herself, then the world will keep questioning her ability to conquer. Once a woman stands up for herself, she is standing up for all women and becoming the voice that unites the uniqueness and fearlessness that we withhold.”

This win has not only become a life-changing moment for Devanshi, but she hopes that she can make some changes in society for those that are afraid to take the risk and try something new despite what others say.


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