Third time lucky Kelowna Owls claim AAA Senior Girls Basketball Championship

Kelowna Owls   All photos by VINNIE COMBOW

THE Kelowna Owls, having played the Walnut Grove Gators twice before and losing both games, were third time lucky to claim the AAA Senior Girls Basketball Championship when they beat them for the top prize.

Walnut Grove started out strong to take a 14-4 lead. The 2nd quarter saw Kelowna take the lead and ended up leading by 5 at the half. Walnut Grove came out of the half time break to making it a 1 point game. But from then on,

Walnut Grove Gators

with errors and turnovers they just could not get close to the Owls. Kelowna let Walnut Grove back into the game for a bit in the 4th quarter. Walnut Grove got as close as 3 points . At the final buzzer sounded, Kelowna celebrated being AAA champions for the first time in their history, beating Walnut Grove 67-61.