Khalsa Diwan Society Vancouver wholeheartedly supports Indian farmers’ agitation

THE Khalsa Diwan Society Vancouver on Monday in a special meeting passed a resolution strongly condemning “the atrocities and the human rights violations committed by the [Indian] government while dealing with the farmers’ agitation in India.”

It said that it wholeheartedly supported the ongoing struggle of the farmers and strongly condemned the three agricultural laws enacted hastily and without taking farmers into confidence.

The resolution stated: “The struggles of the farmers of India and their demands are justified. Why MSP [Minimum Support Price] is not paid for 24 items all over India? Because MSP is not paid by the government and the cost of input is increasing every year. The result is that farmers are committing suicide.”

It added: “The struggle of the peasants is peaceful, non-political and non-religious. Salutations to the farmers who spend nights on the roads in such a cold winter.”

The resolution went on to say: “We would like to express our deepest sympathies for all the elderly, women and youth who are participating in this struggle. We strongly condemn the strict attitude of the government. We strongly request the Government of India to take up the issue of the life and death of the farmers and to repeal all the three laws to end this peaceful struggle.”