Will Lieutenant-Governor Judith Guichon lose respect of British Columbians by not giving NDP chance to form government?

LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR Judith Guichon risks losing the respect of most British Columbians if she allows herself to fall prey to Premier Christy Clarks’ desperate, shameless and graceless maneuvers to prevent the NDP from forming the next government.

Clark should have had the decency (though decency is a bit too much to expect from her) to step aside and allow the NDP to form a government after she failed to win support from the Green Party.

Lieutenant-Governor Judith Guichon
Photo by Jay Sharma of Mahi Photo Studio

But she was only interested in her own personal interest because she feared Liberal MLAs would have revolted against her arrogant and dictatorial leadership – and never mind the massive misuse of taxpayers’ money for a cabinet that would last only for a few days!

Clark and Finance Minister Mike de Jong have stooped so low in their tactics to hold on to power and to cause as much confusion as possible in order to convince Guichon to call an election again that a new word would have to be coined in English to express their lack of basic dignity.

Clark and de Jong were so desperate that they actually wanted to adopt the most important aspects of the NDP platform in their new budget – after losing their majority for opposing those aspects!

Indeed. their politics of “kissa kursi ka” (“it’s all about power” – a term in Hindi that is used in India to express the shameless power hunger of politicians) will inspire politicians in South Asia!

So, Guichon should in all decency allow the NDP a chance to form the government.

If she doesn’t, then she should not expect British Columbians to respect her or her office – and that would be a huge tragedy for our democracy.