Is Premier Christy Clark getting EXTRA security with anger in B.C. rising against her (remember Gordon Campbell?)?


I wanted to ask the RCMP about that, BUT I already know what their standard answer is in such cases: “We do not comment on security matters.’

That is the answer I got from the Mounties when I asked them if security around then-premier Gordon Campbell had been beefed up because of the INTENSE hatred that too many British Columbians had against that man who it seemed had sold his soul to the RICH guys.

He won re-election using the same old, same old tactics that right-wingers have always used against the NDP: ‘Can you trust them with the economy?’

But then doing exactly the opposite of what he would promise in an election campaign finally proved his undoing – that was the notorious HST issue.

The hated Campbell got the boot from his own party and his pal, the then-prime minister Stephen Harper (who also got the boot after trying shameless racist tactics in the last election), helped him flee from B.C. by appointing him our high commissioner to London. Campbell has apparently never felt safe in B.C. after that and has kept away.

Now we have Premier Christy Clark in the same situation. I don’t have to go into details – she has exposed her desperateness and hypocrisy to all British Columbians.

She apparently doesn’t have a shred of dignity. Indeed, how much lower could she stoop?!

Meanwhile, no matter how angry you are at her or any other politician, it would be stupid to break the law. That really does NOT solve any problem.