More than 20 recent similar-type street robberies targeting electronic devices in Surrey cause concern

SURREY RCMP said on Friday that since last month, there have been more than 20 similar-type street robberies targeting electronic devices throughout Surrey.

These robberies typically involve a lone victim who is approached on the street by two to five suspects who demand the victim’s valuables. In most of these incidents, the threat of violence is used or a weapon is produced to intimidate the victim. Fortunately, there have been no serious injuries to any of the victims involved.

Some of the victims have been young people and in almost all incidents, electronic devices, mobile phones, or cash have been the target. The robberies usually occur in the evening to early morning hours (7 p.m. to 3 a.m.).

Due to the similarities in these incidents, investigators believe a large number may be committed by the same group of individuals. The suspects are generally described as young males, in their early 20’s, with thin builds, travelling in groups, generally on foot.

Surrey RCMP said that their Robbery Unit “continues to advance these investigations by making arrests and identifying a number of persons of interest.” However, they are reminding citizens to be extra vigilant with their personal property.

“Trusting your instincts by being aware of your surroundings and staying in well-lit areas will help reduce the risk of becoming a victim,” said Sgt. Dale Carr. “Don’t text while walking and keep valuable possessions out of sight. In the event you are robbed, do not fight back and, if possible, try to note what the suspect looks like and their direction of travel. Call police as soon as it safe to do so.”

Additional tips for preventing mobile phone theft:

* Avoid using your phone on the street in full view. If you have to use it, be discreet.

* Take note of the serial number of your phone and keep it in a safe place.

* Consider software that will remotely locate your phone using built-in GPS.

* In the event you are robbed of your phone, report it immediately to the police and contact your network provider so they can disconnect and prevent any unauthorized calls or texts.

* If you are purchasing a phone, check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number on the phone at to ensure it has not been reported lost or stolen in Canada.

For more information and tips on personal robbery prevention, please visit the Protect Yourself section of the Surrey RCMP website.

Anyone with more information is asked to contact the Surrey RCMP Robbery Section at 604-599-0502 or CrimeStoppers, if they wish to remain anonymous, at 1-800-222-8477.