Mulcair to launch national action plan on violence against women

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair announced on Monday that an NDP government will ensure that no woman or child in need will be turned away from a women’s shelter. An NDP government will also create an action plan to end violence against women in Canada.

“On a single night in April last year, more than 500 women and children who were fleeing violence were turned away from shelters across this country. Despite these alarming numbers, [Prime Minister] Stephen Harper has consistently shown that ending violence against women and girls is not a priority for his government,” said Mulcair. “My priority is to end violence against women. We must take meaningful and significant action to address the violence being faced by our sisters, mothers and daughters across Canada.”

An NDP government will work with women’s groups and indigenous communities and organizations to create a comprehensive and coordinated national action plan to end violence against women. The National Action Plan will have dedicated funding and clear benchmarks. The plan will focus on women who are most vulnerable to violence, including Indigenous women.

Mulcair reiterated his commitment to hold an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women within the first 100 days of taking office.

“We will restore the Shelter Enhancement Program ended by the Conservatives in order to expand access to shelter and transition resources for women and girls needing support so that no woman in need is ever turned away,” said Mulcair.

Reversing Conservative indifference and neglect will be a top priority for an NDP government, he said.