NDP’s Ravi Kahlon nominated to seek re-election from Delta North

TWO-TIME Olympian and community leader, Ravi Kahlon, was on Tuesday nominated as the BC NDP candidate in the riding of Delta North, the first stepping stone towards his re-election.

“My wife, my son and I absolutely love living in North Delta and I’m so excited to begin my next campaign to represent the amazing people who live here,” Kahlon said. “As we all struggle with this pandemic, I’m thankful for [Premier] John Horgan’s leadership to protect people’s health and reopen our economy to get people back to work safely.”

As part of Horgan’s NDP government, Ravi was able to secure much needed active community infrastructure projects to support healthy living in North Delta as well as upgrades to bridges and highways, speeding up people’s commutes, the BC NDP noted.

Kahlon was also instrumental in restoring BC’s Human Rights Commission to address institutional discrimination.

“You know Ravi is on the side of regular people and thanks his work within our government, we’re on the right track — but there’s much more to do,” Horgan said. “Now is the time to strengthen our health care system to keep people healthy, and build back a better B.C. where everyone has a secure future.”