NDP MLA Ravi Kahlon cleared of any wrongdoing over accusations of conflict of interest

BC’S acting conflict of interest commissioner has cleared NDP MLA Ravi Kahlon of any wrongdoing over accusations he was in a conflict of interest by being a member of the Legislature’s all-party ridesharing committee, while his father owns a Bluebird cab in Victoria.

Commissioner Lynn Smith has found Kahlon’s finances are completely separate from those of his father and he has no financial interest in his father’s taxi business, or the taxi industry.

She also praised him for withdrawing from the committee’s work while the facts were investigated.

The BC Liberals raised the issue of the alleged conflict during the first question period of the legislative session back in February.

The commissioner wrote: “Mr. Kahlon was neither in a conflict of interest nor in an apparent conflict of interest.”

Kahlon said:  “I work hard to represent my constituents with integrity, and that’s why I took the initiative to write to the Commissioner. I am pleased that the Commissioner has rejected this baseless BC Liberal attack on my family. It’s disappointing to see [BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson] spend his time making stuff up instead of trying to make life better for British Columbians.”

The full decision is available here: https://coibc.ca/publications/#Opinions