New NEB decision fails to meet public safety and environmental risks: Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley

Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley

THE National Energy Board’s reconsideration report on the Trans Mountain pipeline
expansion and recommendation to proceed with the project met with concern and
disappointment from the City of Burnaby on Friday.
“I am disappointed, but not surprised, by the NEB recommendation to proceed with
tripling the flow of oil through the Trans Mountain pipeline,” said Burnaby Mayor Mike
Hurley. “Despite the new 16 new conditions the NEB imposes, risks to public safety
and the environment remain unacceptably high.”
The mayor said he is committed to working to address those risks to protect his city and
nearby land and waterways.
“I will work hard through whatever means is available to protect Burnaby residents
from the risks imposed on our city by this project,” he added.
The NEB requires that the pipeline project meet 16 new conditions but the City is not
satisfied that the conditions will prevent significant public safety risks and harms to
marine life and other environmental impacts.
The City has been steadfast in its opposition to the pipeline project, including
challenging the original NEB and federal cabinet approval of the project.