New temporary supportive housing opens in Richmond

PEOPLE experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Richmond are moving into new safe and secure homes with the opening of a 40-unit temporary supportive housing building.

Located at 2520 Smith Street, Aster Place is a three-storey modular building with 40 self-contained units, each with a private washroom and kitchenette. The building has a commercial kitchen, laundry facilities and storage space.

Aster Place will provide housing for approximately 30 people living in Richmond’s temporary Emergency Response Centre (ERC), which has provided safe accommodation for vulnerable people during the COVID-19 pandemic and will now close. Guests were assisted to move to Aster Place by the ERC operator, Turning Point Recovery Society. Vacancies in the building will be filled by other people in the community who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Community Builders Group will operate Aster Place and will provide residents with support services, including daily meals, life-skills training, employment assistance and counselling, physical and mental-health resources, and access to addiction treatment and recovery services. On-site staff will provide around-the-clock support to residents.

Aster Place will operate for approximately three years while the City of Richmond and the Province explore permanent housing solutions in the community.

This project is part of the more than 35,000 new homes that are complete or underway for people in B.C. through provincial government investments made since 2017, including more than 200 homes in Richmond.

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie said on Tuesday: “Aster Place is another important component of the city’s homelessness strategy and an example of how partnerships can result in housing for those residents experiencing or at risk of homelessness. The City of Richmond, BC Housing, the Ministry of Attorney General and Responsible for Housing, and Community Builders have worked together on this project to connect with tenants in need, understand the supportive services required and provide a safe and stable housing environment. The City of Richmond remains committed to being a leader that works with our community organizations and partners to provide options for those who have no home.”


Quick Facts

* The name Aster Place is derived from the aster flower, which represents love, hope and loyalty.

* The Province, through BC Housing, provided approximately $9.5 million through the Homelessness Action Plan for the project, and will provide annual operating funding of approximately $1.24 million.

* The City of Richmond waived $250,000 in fees and provided the land for the project.


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A map showing the location of all announced provincially funded housing projects in B.C. is available online:


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