NPA’s Kirk LaPointe: Do you want four more years of “sorry”?

Kirk LaPointe
Kirk LaPointe

GREGOR Robertson’s eleventh-hour, blanket apology to Vancouverites is an act of desperation by a man who wants voters to give him a third chance at running the city, said NPA mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe on Wednesday.

During a radio debate this morning, Vancouver Mayor Robertson apologized to listeners without specifying what he was sorry about.

“Voters have told us they want change at City Hall,” says LaPointe. “They want an open government that listens, that consults, and that respects them. A government that doesn’t make citizens and organizations so angry they feel compelled to launch lawsuits.” He says: “They don’t want broad apologies three days before the election, as a vote-getting strategy. What exactly is Gregor apologizing for?”

LaPointe asks voters: “Do you want four more years of apologies for failed promises, the creation of a fortress mentality at City Hall and rigid ideology that guides policies affecting your daily life?”