Obama’s schedule on Monday and Tuesday in New Delhi (with PST – Vancouver Time)

Official_portrait_of_Barack_ObamaON Monday, U.S. President Barack Obama will proceed to Rajpath to attend the Republic Day parade as chief guest at 10 a.m. [Sunday 8:30 p.m. PST – Vancouver Time].

He is the first US president to be chief guest at the Republic Day pageantry during which India’s military might and cultural diversity are showcased in a two-hour open air event.

It is not known if Obama will drive to Rajpath in Mukherjee’s black limousine or in The Beast. The US Secret Service is believed to be unwilling to allow the US president to travel in any other vehicle other than The Beast.

At 3.49 p.m. [2:19 a.m. Monday PST – Vancouver Time], Obama will attend the traditional “At Home” reception hosted by Mukherjee on the expansive lawns of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The event will be attended by senior politicians, diplomats, envoys and intellectuals.

At 5.30 p.m. [4 a.m. Monday PST – Vancouver Time] Obama and Modi are to address the India-US CEO Forum Meeting at the Shahjehan Hall of Hotel Taj Palace.

At 6.40 p.m. [5:10 a.m. Monday PST – Vancouver Time], the two leaders are to attend the India-US Business Summit at the Durbar Hall of Taj Palace.

There have been reports that the Obamas are keen to eat at the Bukhara restaurant.

Obama had stayed at the Maurya during his previous trip in 2010 and had relished an Indian style dinner.

On Jan 27 (Tuesday), Obama would address an invited gathering at the Siri Fort auditorium at 10.30 a.m. [9 p.m. Monday PST – Vancouver Time] on the subject “India and America: The future we can build together”.

He was to have flown to Agra after the event, but that leg of the visit has been cancelled.

At 1.50 p.m. [12:20 a.m. Tuesday PST – Vancouver Time], the US president and his entourage would take off for Riyadh to condole the death of Saudi King Abdullah.