Ontario’s new cancer risk assessment tool

ONTARIO is making it easier to reduce cancer risk through a new online tool that helps pinpoint cancer risk and provides a personalized action plan to lower that risk.

My CancerIQ is a new online tool that allows Ontarians to find out their risk for breast, cervical, colorectal and lung cancer. Users can determine their risk of developing one of these four cancers by completing a series of interactive questionnaires in less than 10 minutes.

Based on the individual’s responses, the website provides personalized recommendations to help reduce the risk of cancer and identifies factors that increase a person’s risk such as:

  • People who eat more red meat are at a higher risk of developing colorectal cancer
  • Women who smoke are at a higher risk of developing cervical cancer
  • Workplace exposures may increase the risk of developing lung cancer
  • Women who consume alcohol are at a higher risk for developing breast cancer

In addition to a personalized report, the website also has resources to help Ontarians better understand how their lifestyle choices might be putting them at risk for cancer and how to take action now to lessen their risk.

Creating an online cancer risk assessment tool that promotes screening and prevention is part of the government’s Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care. It is also part of the government’s four-part plan to build Ontario up by investing in people’s talents and skills, building new public infrastructure like roads and transit, creating a dynamic, supportive environment where business thrives, and building a secure savings plan so everyone can afford to retire.