OPINION: Celebrating diverse culture, interests, abilities, and community around us


NDP MLA Richmond Queensborough


AS the weather gets brighter and warmer, I know many of us are looking forward to exploring more of B.C., whether staying close to home or venturing across the province.

Since the pandemic, we have seen an amazing rebound in our tourism industry, thanks in part to the work of dedicated event organizers, volunteer teams, and local businesses. Even though we’re still not at full recovery, we have made important progress. At every step of the way, our government has been listening to those in the industry, and supporting them with over half a billion dollars in funding over the last three years.

The recent relaunch of the B.C. Fairs, Festivals, and Events Fund invests another $30 million to ensure that our favourite events can continue. This fund first launched in 2021, supporting over 600 fairs, festivals, and events all across the province. I’m excited to see that the Hootenanny swim meet down at Watermania is coming back, along with theatre series, public concerts, and sports championships!

All of these events help us come together and celebrate the diverse culture, abilities, and community around us, but they also ensure we can sustain a vibrant local economy and provide important seasonal jobs. Many young people will find their first resume lines and work experiences right here in Richmond-Queensborough working or volunteering for their community.

As we come back from COVID, we are continuing to listen to and support the events industry to secure those valuable moments where we come together and celebrate the diverse culture, interests, abilities, and community around us. I am so grateful to see how organizers, volunteers, and businesses alike are persevering in this time, and I know many of our neighbours are looking forward to attending these events.

Thank you to the amazing organizers, volunteers, businesses, and communities that make these events possible, and I look forward to seeing you at the next one!