Our Global Village organization hosting “Youth Speaks Out against Drugs, Gangs and Violence Forum”

OUR Global Village (OGV) organization, in association with numerous community partners that include the city of Surrey, RCMP, Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit- BC, Surrey Crime Prevention Society and many sports clubs, will host “Youth Speaks Out against Drugs, Gangs and Violence Forum” on Tuesday, June 16 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. at Surrey’s Dhaliwal Banquet Hall.

This forum is planned to facilitate dialogue amongst youth by keeping a focus on preventative solutions while addressing the city’s most pressing issues of the recent gang violence.

The upcoming youth forum will be OGV’s third initiative. The first was a forum held for the parents on May 5. The second initiative was the first segment of a workshop series that was held on June 7 for seniors.

The primary focus of the first workshop was empowering the senior population to play an active role in prevention by identifying negative behaviours in their grandchildren from a very early age. The goal was to provide adequate tools and crucial information to better their understanding of gang prevention. A gang expert, who works with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, delivers the workshops.

Moving forward, on June 16, OGV is hosting a youth forum to gain maximum input from the youth along with the other members of the community. These first three initiatives were planned to holistically understand the perspectives of all three generations.

The community-partnerships developed through the upcoming forum will provide the youth with an opportunity to work directly with different community groups and to initiative positive change by becoming involved in the many programs / services that are currently being offered by the City of Surrey, RCMP, Surrey Crime Prevention Society, YMCA and other organizations that work to meet needs of the youth.

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Parents accompanying kids are welcome to stay.


Phone: 604-629-8866