IN BRIEF: South Asian Hells Angel / Pakistani brother of alleged terrorist deported




SOUTH ASIAN HELLS ANGEL: So if you were asking people if there were any South Asian members of Hells Angels, your question was answered this week when a Vancouver newspaper carried a photo of three Hells Angels, one of whom was Suminder Grewal, formerly of the Haney chapter of the group, who has now joined a new chapter – Hardside chapter, according to the news report. Everything is getting more and more multicultural in North America, eh!


PAKISTANI BROTHER OF ALLEGED TERRORIST DEPORTED: Aitizaz Ud Din Syed, 29, whose brother, Ibraruddin Syed, was allegedly the mastermind behind a 2008 Islamabad hotel bombing that killed 55 people and wounded hundreds of others, and for whom there is an Interpol warrant, has been kicked out of Pakistan. He was arrested by the Canada Border Services Agency in January for not listing his brother on his visa application. He came to B.C. in 2013 on a student visa and was working in Kamloops. A report in the Pakistani newspaper Dawn in June 2009 said: “The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has informed Pakistan that an Al Qaeda-linked outfit, called ‘Al Kini group’, is behind a series of terrorist attacks in the country, including last year’s suicide attack on Islamabad’s Marriott hotel. … A highly informed source said the FBI had asked the FIA [Federal Investigation Agency] and Islamabad Capital Territory police to share their investigations they had carried out so far which may help them in catching three people described as absconders, including a person identified as Ibraruddin Syed.” Good work, CBSA!