Phase 2 of Delta’s Housing Action Plan consultation

AS part of phase 2 of Delta’s Housing Action Plan, the City has launched a virtual public engagement campaign to seek community input on possible housing strategies.

Last year, the City began developing a Housing Action Plan to help address Delta’s current and future housing needs. Phase 1 of this project included a Housing Needs Assessment, which included input from residents and stakeholders to better understand Delta’s current housing situation and help identify local priority housing needs.

As part of Phase 2, the City is seeking community input on possible strategies and actions over the next five years to help address local housing needs.

“This virtual engagement session will give the community another opportunity to safely engage with the City and provide meaningful input on the Housing Action Plan. We want to hear from a variety of perspectives so we can develop a housing plan that is supported by the community and provides options for everyone, including youth, seniors, and the most vulnerable,” said Delta Mayor George V. Harvie on Monday.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to learn about the strategies and share feedback online by completing the feedback form at: page also features a new video summarizing the possible strategies as well as the Housing Action Plan timeline to help inform the community.

Once virtual consultation closes, the input received will be used to help develop the City’s draft Housing Action Plan, detailing the strategies and actions to be undertaken by the City to address local housing needs. The draft plan is expected to be presented to Delta Council in spring 2021 for consideration and will be followed by a final round of virtual public consultation.