Premier David Eby’s statement on B.C. wildfires

PREMIER David Eby on Friday issued the following statement on the wildfire situation in B.C.:

“Our hearts are with the people, communities and First Nations adversely affected by wildfires in B.C. It was a devastating evening fighting fires and working to protect people and homes, with extremely difficult and rapidly evolving conditions continuing today.

“The situation is volatile. We know some people have lost their homes and many more are being asked to evacuate, not knowing what they’ll find when it’s safe to return. Decisions around evacuation orders are not made lightly.

“We need everyone to stay alert. If you live in a wildfire-impacted area, listen to local authorities, be prepared for an evacuation, follow evacuation orders and look out for one another. We must do our part to make sure emergency workers can do their work and get to where they need to go. Together, we can help keep each other safe and support the heroic work of B.C.’s firefighters and emergency officials.

“The battle continues today to protect people and communities around British Columbia. I want to thank the firefighters and resource crews, First Nations and local government leaders who are working tirelessly to keep everyone safe.

“People in our province stand together in tough times, and our government is here to support now and in the coming days and weeks.”