Premier Horgan needs to act on transit strike: B.C. Liberals

WITH a million Metro Vancouver commuters facing a full-blown transit strike, BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson and MLA John Martin, the BC Liberal Labour Critic, are calling for the NDP to appoint a mediator to step in and resolve the crisis.

“Hundreds of thousands of commuters in Metro Vancouver have been dragged into this transit strike heading into its third week while John Horgan and the NDP have irresponsibly sat idly by,” said Wilkinson. “The Premier has the power to help end this strike by appointing a mediator to get both parties back to the table. Now that a system-wide shutdown is planned for next week why won’t John Horgan finally do something?”

Earlier today the union confirmed plans for a full system-wide shutdown from November 27 to 29 which will wreak havoc on commuters throughout Metro Vancouver.

“Horgan and his Labour minister have sat on their hands for 20 days now. During the last transit strike, a mediator was appointed after just 11 days. Vancouver commuters deserve leadership and a swift response from their government,” added Martin.

Since the last transit strike which took place under the NDP 18 years ago, the system has expanded with 58 additional bus routes, 520 additional busses, 1,400 additional bus operators, and an increase in annual ridership by 206 million.

“An efficient and reliable transit system is essential to people’s livelihoods. Their daily lives are being disrupted as a direct result of John Horgan’s inaction,” said Wilkinson. “It is time to appoint a mediator and bring everyone back to the negotiating table. Metro Vancouver residents deserve better.”