Ratan Rajput in bath tub full of cow dung

Bigg Boss this week has been at its wicked best.

As a part of this week’s task, Bigg Boss announced that he has found a new treatment that will cure the infection. He calls upon doctor’s Shilpa and Anita in the laboratory for the same. When they entered the lab, what awaited them was overpowering aroma of cow-dung filled up to the brim of a tub.

Bigg Boss asked them to give one name from the hell-side who would dunk himself/herself in the tub for 2 hours. Bigg Boss informed them that if the guinea pigs refused to do the task, the heaven-mates will get a point.

After much deliberation, Shilpa and Anita took Elli’s name. When Elli entered the lab, she was shocked to see what was in store for her and refused to do it. Elli’s refusal earned a point for the heaven-mates.

Bigg Boss again asked the hell-mates if anyone was ready to do the task. After discussing and taking Elli’s feedback, Ratan bravely came forward to do the task. Ratan seemed a little skeptical on entering the room initially, but geared herself for the challenge and plunged in to the tub.

To distract herself from the stench she was seen singing songs. She continued to be in the dung-tub for almost an hour, after which Bigg Boss announced the end of the treatment. The success of the treatment helped the hell-mates earn a point, securing their lead over the heaven-side.

When she came out of the lab, everyone applauded her for this brave act and complimented her for finishing the task successfully.