RATTAN’S RUMBLE: PEI bigots disgrace themselves with open racism against Sikh man

RACISM is apparently flourishing in small places like Prince Edward Island where some bigots need just an excuse to start telling non-white people to “go back to your country”!
Really? “Go back to your country”? Do these Neanderthals really believe this is a WHITE Canada? If Canada belongs to anyone, it’s the aboriginal people.

It’s ironical that although Canada has a TURBANED defence minister – Harjit Sajjan – the Royal Canadian Legion staff in Tignish demanded a Sikh visitor remove his “patka” (a type of turban worn by Sikhs) and kept insisting and threatening him even after he explained that it was for religious reasons.

The Legion later apologized for their staff’s disgraceful behaviour and said that they would receive training to prevent a similar incident in the future. Indeed, they sure do need some MAJOR training and education!

CBC reported that Jaswinder Singh Dhaliwal and Sunny Pannu had gone to the Legion with a call centre co-worker, Annemarie Blanchard, to play pool. They removed their winter hats once they were instructed to do so, but some time later some racist patrons started demanding that Dhaliwal, who was the one wearing a “patka,” take it off.

Their co-worker, Blanchard, came to their defence, telling the staff member that he was wearing it for religious reasons.

When Dhaliwal decided to capture the incident on his cellphone video, the manager yelled: “If you don’t stop taping me … cause you know what, I’ll rip your headpiece off.”

Apparently inspired by this woman’s indecent behaviour, other bigots started yelling racist insults, abusing them and making obscene gestures.

They were told to “go back to your country.”

Blanchard told the CBC: “They were told to leave our Island, they’re not welcome here, to go back to their country, that they’re not welcome in Canada at all. Outraged, I was absolutely outraged. I was totally ashamed.”

Blanchard urged Singh and Pannu to leave as things were really getting out of hand.

Pannu told the CBC: “They don’t even know about their own Canadian history — there are a lot of Sikh people in the army, they wear the turbans. The defence minister is also Sikh.”
Well, what can you expect from UNEDUCATED people there?!

The RCMP refused to do anything about this because they argued it was a matter between the Legion and the patrons.


What about HATE CRIME?

Such MORONIC Mounties should be sent for BETTER training – and EDUCATION!

The RCMP Commissioner needs to do a better job.






  1. Are people not allowed to hold their own views without having epithets hurled at them? Sikhs, Muslims, Han Chinese, are all allowed to “have one voice” and seek power and unity but White people are just supposed to stand aside while others replace them, lest they be called “neanderthals” and the like?

    • Nobody is saying that people are not allowed to hold their own views … but here, it were these people at the Legion who used racial slurs and abuses. Also, if anyone behaves the way this group did, they do deserve to be called Neanderthals – and worse, no matter what the colour of their skin. Canada belongs to all people. Don’t forget the HORRIFIC things the white man did to the Aboriginals when they came here … they raped them and their children (especially the white Christian priests), robbed them, forced them to give up their languages and cultures! Can anyone be proud of such actions?

  2. the Sikh’s were our allies in WW1 and WW11.. they fought along side of us and were worthy of our acceptance then… this same crap happened in Lethbridge Legion #34 about 20 years ago.. that was soon dismissed and all Sikh men were welcomed, as should be… with turbans. nip this racist attempt at the bud, right now, educate the Legionairs.. this is what you fought for,, freedom , freedom ,freedom.

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