RATTAN’S RUMBLE: Harper insults South Asians with stereotyped accent: If he has any decency, he should remove those ads!

o-CONSERVATIVE-JOB-AD-570HEY, Prime Minister Stephen Harper – yes, YOU, who has been desperately sucking up to South Asians, especially to people of Indian origin – STOP making fun of their accent in your party’s ads!

You are being shamelessly RACIST by stereotyping South Asians with that accent.

And shame on that South Asian who allowed himself to be used in this way. He is a disgrace to the South Asian community.

As it is, there are TOO MANY RACISTS out there making fun of what they consider to be the South Asian accent. That is done to disparage South Asians – and even some South Asians suffering from an inferiority complex try to join the club, so to speak, by joining in that mockery.

Why couldn’t the Conservatives have featured a South Asian with a Canadian accent – there is no dearth of them?!

The racist Conservatives must remove such MOCKERY of South Asians from their ads. This is the lowest form of stereotyping – and the fact that this is being showcased by the Canadian Prime Minister himself is nothing but a DISGRACE.

Does Harper deserve respect from South Asians?

The Conservatives have shown their true REFORM PARTY colours with these ads.

Tim Uppal

By the way, Harper, your minister Tim Uppal speaks with a perfect Canadian accent – yes, this turban-wearing, bearded Sikh gentleman, who incidentally is your minister of state for MULTICULTURALISM!

How does he feel about this MOCKERY?