Final Girl (PG) ***


Final GirlPopular now more than ever are movies made for video on demand or films wishing to bypass theatre chains. Horror enthusiasts and those who like their entertainment on the spicy side should get a charge out of Final Girl. Please don’t confuse this 90 minute thriller with Ben Affleck’s Gone Girl. Both involve mysteries of sorts but this current release is just a lot more chilling. Order this Touchstone Picture by contacting your local cable company for video on demand. See it in iTunes and on Shaw, Rogers and Bell.

With the death of famed Lion Cecil hunting is certainly in the news. Taking a page out of the John Claude Van Damme patented playbook comes this tale which involves four grown so-called men who are also into big game – only this time the prey is human.

Put simply Here we have a quartet of rich guys who have too much free time on Their hands. How they get their “kicks” is by stalking, targeting, trapping and then killing their prey: Unsuspecting women. When members in the community go missing it strikes a chord with new resident Veronica who falls into this sordid mess. My how time goes fast as Abigail Breslin has matured nicely after her star making appearance in Little Miss Sunshine.

Suspense flows freely in this high stakes drama. Indeed We have seen these sort of hunting/stalking scenarios before. Here director Tyler Shields pulls off a nice nifty thriller successfully if you’re not too squeamish.

By Robert Waldman