BC Liberals accuse NDP and Greens of slanting electoral referendum towards proportional representation

Andrew Wilkinson

THE NDP and Green coalition on Thursday combined to ensure the upcoming referendum on electoral referendum remains slanted towards proportional representation, said the B.C. Liberals.

“When talking about changing the way we vote, it’s imperative that British Columbians have a clear question and that fundamental changes to our democracy are not decided by a small minority,” said Andrew Wilkinson, the critic for the Attorney General.

“The NDP and the Greens have decided to rig the ballot towards the system they prefer. It’s disappointing because the amendments are all things that John Horgan once supported but now finds unacceptable,” said Wilkinson. “If we’re going to have a referendum, there should be a fair process, but this process is completely rigged.”

The parties combined to defeat the opportunity for an unambiguous yes or no ballot question that would offer a clear choice between proportional representation and the current first-past-the-post system.

The NDP and the Greens also said no to a minimum threshold for voter turnout as well as a regional threshold in all eighty-seven electoral districts.

“This is a deliberate and cynical attempt by the NDP and the Green Party to manipulate a specific result that will allow them to cling to power,” said Wilkinson.