Sharnjit Gill & Team Win Top Performance Award 2012

Surrey-based mortgage specialist Sharnjit S Gill and his team got an Award of Excellence from TD CANADA TURST for the performance for the year 2012. Their`s is a small team of three that includes – Sharnjit S Gill, Raj Gill and Mani Gill- but their performance has been superb over the years.

Consistency is a key to their success as Sharnjit S Gill and his team as they have been winning awards and recognitions since 2002 for their performances in the mortgage field.

“Our team always does what is right for our clients.. Honesty goes long way to built Trust. It is quite challenging to remain on the top position year after year. This has been possible due to the team work and honest guidance to our clients and our community’s total support,“ says Gill.

Gill, AMP has been ranked one of the top in Canada in 3 years in a row 2009 , 2010 & 2012 which is itself a great achievement. Gill and his son Raj Gill, AMP were also awarded the Top Mortgage Brokers in 2003 by Envision Credit Union.

Sharnjit S Gill has also served as Manager, Financial Services in Surrey and Abbotsford Branches till 2001