Sonia Andhi is fourth candidate of Surrey Students NOW

Sonia Andhi

SONIA Andhi is the fourth candidate of the Surrey Students NOW, a parent-led advocacy group running four candidates for School Board Trustee in Surrey. The other three candidates are Cindy Dalglish, Charlene Dobie and Mary-Em Waddington.

The group said: “Sonia Andhi will bring experience to the Surrey School Board through her work as a Surrey based social worker and family counsellor. With over 30 years experience, she understands our youth and families.

“She is knowledgeable about our schools, experienced with our youth, and has worked closely with community partners. Sonia is a welcome member of the Surrey Students NOW team and will make an outstanding trustee.

“Surrey Students NOW has already committed to support all students. As a credible and strong candidate, Sonia adds strength to the work we want to accomplish as trustees to support all students. While Surrey First Education trustees have noted that they “do the best for the most,” Sonia agrees that supporting most is not enough and has proven it through her grassroots initiatives.

“Sonia’s leadership within the Shakti Society – a non-profit society dedicated to empowering individuals, families and communities – demonstrates her ability to collaborate and support efforts to build a safe and connected city. Sonia’s ongoing work with children, youth, and families has kept her in touch with the needs of our children.

“It is time for change. We need trustees that recognize that all kids matter and all students are safe and supported, with resources and staff in their classrooms.”

“I have always believed that children are our greatest wealth and if we don’t take care of our children, nothing else will matter,” says Andhi.