Surrey City Council focuses on job creation within local construction sector

AT Monday night’s Regular Council – Land Use Meeting, Surrey City Council granted final adoption to projects that have a combined total construction of over $55 million that will create approximately 550 new jobs.

“While we all have to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is equally important to find ways to keep our local construction sector going that is so critical in creating so many meaningful and essential jobs,” said Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum.

“Surrey City Council has made it a priority to ensure there is an environment for our builders and developers to carry through with their projects. Most importantly by doing so, we are making sure that projects are not only design ready, but shovel-ready as soon as possible in order for people to have access to the well-paid and skilled jobs created through the construction sector.”

The total cost of the construction projects given final adoption, which include single family homes and a six-story rental apartment building, is $55,201,000.


  1. However no news on SkyTrain Extension to Fleetwood, $1.6B Its another example of broken promises.
    The prov govt has not approved the change from LRT to SkyTrain and it’s which is way more important and will carry more passengers than the Fleetwood Extension. It is unlikely it will approve the Fleetwood extension before the Newton Extension ($1.4B) Both projects are needed and they could be serviced out of the SkyTrain Garage that was proposed to be built in Surrey. In the meantime, more express bus lanes should be provided along major streets. Thew last SkyTrain extension in Surrey was opened in 1994 and because of various City Councils not understanding Transit Surrey is behind other cities of similar size.

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