Surrey First’s Linda Annis supports Doug McCallum’s stand on Rosemary Heights development

Linda Annis

MAYORAL candidate Doug McCallum and the Safe Surrey Coalition (SSC) announced last month that they would not allow the current development proposal for Surrey’s Rosemary Heights to pass.

This week, just days before the municipal election, Surrey First’s council candidate Linda Annis announced on Monday she wants to put a hold on those development plans pending “broader community consultation” and “a more in-depth review” of the neighbourhood’s traffic, environmental and public amenity concerns.
Annis, a resident of South Surrey, said that she believes the concerns of people living in the area need to be heard in detail before any final decisions are made by the new council.
“I may be new to politics, but I really believe that a city councillor’s first job is to listen,” said Annis, Executive Director of Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers. “I don’t see anything wrong with taking a second look at something, particularly when the community feels it has more to say about important issues such as development. I definitely want our city to provide smart development that encourages a range of housing options, but I also want neighbourhoods to feel part of those decisions.
“Rosemary Heights residents have seen continued development over the past 20 years and they’re concerned about growth, traffic, community amenities and the environment, particularly along the Nicomekl River. Development that adds real value to our city is a reality in Surrey, all the more reason to make sure we get it right, and that starts by listening to the community.”