Surrey RCMP issue public interest warning about Howard Geddes-Skelding

SURREY RCMP on Friday issued a public interest warning under the Privacy Act of Canada regarding a dangerous sex offender who poses a high risk to re-offend. Howard Geddes-Skelding was released from BC Corrections on August 14 in the Lower Mainland and is residing in Surrey.
Geddes-Skelding has been convicted of a number of offences including sexual assault, sexual interference, robbery, and possession of a weapon. He is considered to be at risk of committing offences against women and is known to approach women while exposing his penis or masturbating, and then sexually assault them.
Geddes-Skelding has been deemed a high risk to re-offend is subject to a probation order and a release order whereby he must abide by court ordered conditions including, in part:

  1. Keep the peace and be of good behavior.
  2. You may not possess any weapons as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada, inclusive of firearm, imitation firearm, ammunition and explosives except for knives to be used only for the preparation and consumption of meals or in the course of employment.
  3. You are to abide by house arrest, 7 days a week. You will be in the house or on its lot. You can be away from your residence with the prior written permission of your bail supervisor. The permission can be in electronic form but it must be carried with you while you are outside your residence.
  4. You will abstain from the use, possession or consumption of alcohol and drugs scheduled in the CDSA unless you have a valid medical prescription.
  5. You will comply with the electronic supervision agreement, including the wearing of and care for the electronic supervision equipment. You will not be released from custody until you have been fitted with the electronic supervision equipment.
    Surrey RCMP say they are working closely with BC Corrections Community Corrections Division to manage the risk posed to the community by Geddes-Skelding which will include overt checks and monitoring to ensure he is abiding by his conditions. Failure by Geddes-Skelding to comply will result in his immediate arrest.
    If you see any suspicious behavior including, but not limited to a breach of these conditions, do not approach Geddes-Skelding, but contact the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502, or call 911.