Surrey RCMP: Wanted man Joseph Gregory arrested

SURREY RCMP announced on Friday that wanted man Joseph Gregory has been arrested for his outstanding warrant.

Gregory is one of two males that removed their ankle monitors and left their court mandated residence in Surrey on May 26.

The other wanted man, Terry McDonald, was arrested on Wednesday.

On June 9 at approximately 1 p.m., Surrey RCMP Serious Crime officers arrested Gregory in the Newton area of Surrey. 

He remains in custody to be brought before the courts.


NOTE: Deployed Surrey Police Service (SPS) officers currently comprise over 25% of the Surrey RCMP’s total detachment strength, and 50% of its frontline officers. SPS already has 46% of the police officers currently required to police Surrey. More SPS officers are ready to be deployed but have been prevented from doing so because of politics by Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke and the Surrey RCMP without regard for safety of Surrey residents.