Temporary single tracking on a portion of Canada Line next week

TRANSLINK announced on Wednesday that it is temporarily adjusting Canada Line train frequencies from January 10 until February 2 to advance the construction of Capstan Station.

Single tracking between Bridgeport and Richmond–Brighouse stations will allow its construction crews to perform necessary work that cannot safely occur near the guideway when regular service is in place.

These changes will most impact customers travelling to or from Richmond–Brighouse, Aberdeen, and Lansdowne stations. Customers travelling between all other Canada Line stations are unlikely to notice a difference.

Reduced frequency schedule between January 10 and February 2:

Days Times
Monday to Friday Beginning of service until 4 p.m.
Saturdays Beginning of service until 8 p.m.
Sundays Regular service (no reductions)

Customers travelling to or from the Richmond–Brighouse branch of the Canada Line during the hours listed above will have to change trains at Bridgeport Station. Canada Line frequency changes will vary at each station.

Frequency changes for each section of track during peak hours are listed below:

  • Between Bridgeport Station and Richmond–Brighouse Station: Reduced frequency by approximately 11 minutes.
  • Between Bridgeport Station and Waterfront Station: Reduced frequency by approximately 45 seconds.
  • Between YVR–Airport and Waterfront Station: Increased frequency by two and a half minutes.
  • Expo/Millennium Line service: No impact.

Advice for customers:

  • Additional bus service will be available for customers between Bridgeport Station and Richmond–Brighouse Station to meet capacity needs.
  • For customers heading to or from Aberdeen or Lansdowne stations, Routes 403 and 410 provide the best alternative bus service.
  • All trains departing from Waterfront will have YVR–Airport displayed as its terminus station. Customers intending to travel towards Richmond–Brighouse Station should take one of these trains and transfer to the shuttle train at Bridgeport Station.
  • Plan extra travel time into your journey.

TransLink said that Capstan Station will provide better service for customers in the Capstan Village area and remains on pace to open in 2023.

More information:

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