Transit Police’s tips for safe ride heading back to school

Photo by Sukhwant Singh Dhillon

METRO Vancouver Transit Police said on Monday that their officers will be on duty throughout the transit system and they are asking passengers to assist them in keeping the system safe. Report any problems or anything out of the ordinary to police: See Something, Say Something. Enter the text code 87 77 77 into your mobile devices so that you can report any issues to police, discreetly and in real time. This will give police the opportunity to deploy their officers quickly and efficiently. In an emergency call 911, whenever possible.
Here are some safety tips for a safe ride that can be used for a good discussion with family members, both adults and children alike:
1. Plan your journey ahead of time and make sure you appear confident and know where you’re going.
2. Be mindful of fast moving trains approaching stations – stay behind the yellow line.
3. Stay alert to your surroundings. Avoid being engrossed in your personal electronic device – consider removing one earbud to stay in tune with what’s going on around you.
4. Keep purses, backpacks, totes etc. secure and carry wallets in an inside pocket. Keep all electronic devices close to you and, when not in use, out of sight. Be especially vigilant when seated or standing near doors.
5. If placing larger items on the floor during travel, keep the items firmly between your feet, if possible, to maintain control of them.
6. Make sure you are familiar with safety features throughout the system such as two way intercoms and silent alarms (yellow strip) on the trains. Do not hesitate to use the red emergency phone located on train platforms to summon help from transit staff in an emergency. If you are on a bus and have a problem, tell the bus operator and ask them to get help.
7. Look for uniformed Transit Police officers, SkyTrain, Canada Line or SeaBus Attendants or Transit Security if you feel threatened or have a problem. Don’t hesitate to ask them for directions or help to find your bus or train. They are there to help. If you are a young person and there is no transit staff member in sight, ask an adult for assistance.
8. Quietly move away from anyone you feel is a threat or a problem on the platforms, at the bus loops or on the trains or buses.

9. Use Text code 87 77 77 to discreetly send us information regarding non-emergency situations on the bus, train or SeaBus. Download the code in advance so it’s ready to use if you need it.

10. Don’t Panic! A Transit Police Officer, SkyTrain Attendant or Canada Line Attendant is as close as the next station and will assist you. If on a bus, speak to the operator who can contact Transit Security and/or Transit Police to assist.