Service BC and BC Transplant invite British Columbians to #LiveLifePassItOn

SINCE 2015, 60,000 British Columbians have registered to give the gift of life, thanks to a valuable partnership between Service BC and BC Transplant.

“Organ donations save lives. Our staff at Service BC play a vital role in helping people learn more about registering to be an organ donor,” said Jinny Sims, Minister of Citizens’ Services, on Monday. “These dedicated workers not only provide thoughtful guidance and the knowledge that people need to make this important decision, but also information on how to talk to their family members about their choice.”

Sims was in Nanaimo, along with representatives from Service BC, BC Transplant, and organ donor recipients and their families, to highlight the partnership between BC Transplant and Service BC. This collaboration has resulted in 18,797 registrants at Service BC offices between April and December of 2017 alone — an increase of 4% from the previous year.

“While registering as an organ donor only takes a few minutes, this partnership between Service BC and BC Transplant has helped many make a decision they can truly feel good about,” said Leonard Krog, MLA for Nanaimo. “Service BC staff are knowledgeable, helpful and really take the time to help our residents with the decision to register.”

For Julia Ainsley, a customer service representative at the Duncan Service BC location, the work to register British Columbians as organ donors is a life-saving effort with a personal connection.

“My son’s grandfather was diagnosed with end-stage liver disease, but a successful transplant, eight months after his diagnosis, saved his life,” Ainsley said. “Registering as an organ donor has the power to give people a second chance at life. This important work impacts real people.”

“Registering your decision for organ donation could be such a gift to your family,” says Leanne Appleton, provincial executive director, BC Transplant. “We often hear from donor families that in a time of such tragedy and loss, it’s often a comfort to know that their loved one wanted to be an organ donor and registered their wishes.”

Deborah Graves, a Nanaimo resident, received a liver transplant in 2011 that saved her life. “I am alive today because of the generosity and kindness of an organ donor and their family,” said Graves. “Because of this, I want to encourage all of my fellow British Columbians to register their decision and let their family know their wishes — it could mean the gift of life for someone like me.”

BC Transplant estimates that there are nearly 640 people in British Columbia waiting for a life-saving transplant.


Quick Facts:

  • At the end of 2017, there were more than 1.2 million donors registered in the BC Organ Donor Registry.
  • 479 transplants were performed in 2017 in British Columbia.
  • Up to eight organs can be donated from a single deceased donor.
  • Share the hashtag #LifeLifePassItOn on social media to help raise awareness about registering as an organ donor.