Union for SkyTrain workers has agreed to mediation

MEMBERS of the union for SkyTrain workers, CUPE 7000, have voted 96.8 % in favour of a strike if they do not get a fair and equitable agreement.

Michel Ladrak, President of BC Rapid Transit Company, said on Thursday that BCRTC and CUPE 7000 have agreed to mediation beginning next week.

He added: “We are looking forward to those discussions helping us come to a fair and reasonable collective agreement.”

Ladrak said: “Eight mediated meetings have been scheduled to occur over the next month. Mediation is a very important and productive way for parties to resolve their differences in any labour negotiation.

“While CUPE 7000 members have passed a vote which gives them the option of taking job action, at this time the union has not given any indication of providing a strike notice.  There is currently no disruption to SkyTrain service.”

Canada Line and West Coast Express are not affected by these negotiations.